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UPSITF provides a diverse range of job-oriented short-term courses meticulously crafted to equip you with practical IT skills tailored to meet the dynamic demands of the ever-evolving and advancing IT industry.

Course Offerings


Software Development and Applications

Web Technology

Database Technology

Network Technology

Business Processes

Systems Analysis and Design

Special Courses

Note: If you see a course title on our Course Offerings that is not on our Schedules & Rates, you may send us an inquiry e-mail at [email protected]. You may also call us at our landline no. (02) 8583 9381.



  • If you opt to withdraw your registration from any tech course, a refund of 80% of training fee shall be made by UPSITF to the registrant.
  • No refund shall be given if a class has already started at the time the registration is withdrawn.
  • In the event that a cancellation of a short course class is made by UPSITF, full refund shall be made by UPSITF to the registrants of said short course class.


  • UPSITF accepts payments in cash, manager’s check, personal check, through PayMaya, GCash, and credit card (e.g. MasterCard, Visa).
  • Full payment must be made three days before the start of each class.
  • Full payment made at least a week before classes start is eligible for Early Bird Discount.
  • Only those who paid in full shall be considered enrolled in the class.
PayMaya QR
Paymaya Transfer: 09273483828 Rhea Samonte
GCash QR
GCash Transfer: 09273483828 Rhea S.

Bank Accounts:

Name of Bank: LANDBANK UP Diliman Extension


Account Number: 3071-0461-75


Name of Bank: BPI Ortigas, San Miguel

Account Name: UPSITF

Account Number: 003993-0339-19

Take a photo of the screenshot/deposit slip and send a copy through email at [email protected].


  • Is there an admission exam? There is no admission exam needed to enroll in the Tech Course Program.

Are the courses only for professionals?

No. High school and college students are welcome to apply.

Registration and Payment

What is the difference between Government/Academe and Industry Early-Bird Rate?

Government/Academe Early-Bird Rate applies to government employees and members of the academe, while Industry Early-Bird Rate applies to corporate/non-government/academe employees.

Are there discounts for UP Students?

Yes. For UP students, the government/academe rate applies, provided they submit their current Form 5 and ID.

Are there discounts for non-UP students?


How about for returning UPSITF tech course students?

For students who have enrolled in any tech course in the last three years, a 20% discount from the regular rate will be given.


Can I enroll in a class if I did not take its prerequisite?

For students enrolling in courses with prerequisites, they must complete all required courses first.

Can I enroll in an advance course if I have completed a basic program outside UPSITF?

For students enrolling in an advance course who have previously completely a basic program outside UPSITF, a certificate or proof of basic course completion is required.

What if I do not have a certificate but I want to enroll in an advance course?

Should a student insist in enrolling in an advance course without a certificate, he or she may be admitted to the class provided that a refund will not be granted in case the student decides not to pursue while the class is already ongoing.

Will there be a make-up class if I miss a class?

If a student misses a class, there will be no make-up class provided.

What type of certificate will be given after the class?

A Certificate of Completion will be given to students who have accomplished all course requirements, while a Certificate of Participation will be given to students with incomplete attendance or requirements.

Are you ready?

Make sure that you have read and understood our registration guidelines and that your requirements are ready before filling out our registration form.


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