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UPSITF also offers various services catered to different types of clients like private organizations, academe partners, and young learners.

CCT: Corporate Customized Training

UPSITF customizes its training modules according to the needs of its clients and partners. A wide range of topics can be delivered by the Foundation’s subject matter experts, and clients may select their preferred course topics based on their training requirements.

Consultations & Other Services

UPSITF offers consulting services and expertise that are flexible to short-term and long-term engagements. These are implemented by a high-quality full-time workforce complemented by consultants from the academe and industry.

Systems Audit and Portfolio Management

Implementation of Systems Audit and Portfolio Management allows an organization to comprehensively examine the components of its IT infrastructure to ensure security in assets and data, and to effectively select and manage its IT projects.

Executive Information Systems

Application of Executive Information System assists senior executives of an organization in their decision-making process. The decision support system can be utilized to identify opportunities and challenges, as well as to have easy access to important data that is essential in achieving organizational goals.

Network Design and Administration

Network Design and Administration covers the planning of a computer network infrastructure that will be implemented to its maintenance. This is to ensure its smooth and efficient operation.


E-Learning or electronic learning utilizes technology to deliver courses, trainings, or educational materials outside a physical classroom that allows people to learn anytime and anywhere.

Software Systems and Application Development

Software Systems and Application Development is the building of the files and programs that make up the operating system to the specific programs designed to perform computer functions for end users.

TBC4K: Tech Boot Camp for Kids + Teens

Organized by the UP System Information Technology Foundation, in collaboration with the UP Information Technology Development Center (UP ITDC), the Tech Boot Camp aims to introduce students to a wide array of IT courses especially designed for kids and teens. Courses offered include Robotics, Programming, Digital Arts, Blogging, and many more. Classes involve a lot of hands-on activities to promote learning and allow students, young as they are, to have a feel of how it is to be in the field of IT. Join us and experience learning new stuff the fun and exciting way only here at TBC4K!




ICT4D: Information & Communications Technology for Development

ICT4D Philippine Network is a loose network of academe partners that aims to engage government, IT industry, and developmental institutions in contributing to sustainable inclusive growth of the country. Parts of its objectives include undertaking high quality researches and best practices, adopting diverse multi-disciplinary approaches, and being a venue for collaboration and mutually reinforcing partnerships.

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